Our time is sacred. Services are non-negotiable and talk about donation should remain silent at all times. Kindness familiarise yourself with my website and reviews is probably the best way to get to know me before we meet. We won’t be talking about donation when we meet if you bring this up I have no choice but to regretful end our date.


I know that our time together will feel incredibly natural. Please remember that the connection we share is confined to our date. I understand we may have wonderful chemistry and absolutely love each others company, however, this is my business and i am sure you wish to respect it.


I so look forward to being with you though I suspect time will pass quickly! I recommend reviewing my donations prior to your arrival in case you are having such an incredible experience and wish to extend our time together. However, do not presume that my schedule is open as I am a touring companion who also maintains a very private life. Being placed in the uncomfortable position of having to remind you that our date is nearing an end is very uncomfortable for both of us. If my schedule permits, I will be more than happy to extend our encounter by first updating your donation.


A well groomed gentleman presented in pleasant attire with a fresh, clean scent is quite alluring and mandatory for our engagement. Kindly take the time to prepare yourself prior to our date. If for some reason that is not possible, you will be more than welcome to make use of my bathroom and all of the amenities at my incall location.


Protecting my safety and well being is critical and I cannot allow anything to jeopardize that. A true gentleman will always respect a lady’s wishes and abide well within her comfort zone. In the event that I am pressured to violate that zone or engage in what I consider to be unsafe practices, I will have no choice but to abruptly end our encounter and terminate our relationship. But let's not let that happen!

Recent Feedbacks

MIKE: I have been seeing Chloe for about 3 years in different parts of the world at different exotic venues. She is simply the best. Can't say more than that. I keep asking her to marry me, and she keeps refusing of course, but one day...XXX 03/25/2019 FLY ME TO YOU

TONY: I met Chloe last night in Singapore. I had followed her travel schedule for a while, hoping it will meet mine and it finally did.

She is a beautiful woman with an impressive figure, delightful facial features, her eyes are very expressive, but yet what is more important a very easy going comforting personality that makes you feel comfortable with her from the very start.

In bed she is just an amazing lover with great skill, soft skin, curves in all the right places and the capacity to get you so fully into her. I will be respectful right now and keep the amazing detail to myself.

A woman that is certainly worth seeing and seeing for longer engagements as her conversation and style make her an ideal companion as well

Hoping to see you soon Chloe 03/24/2019 SINGAPORE

MR A.K: All Excellent and gorgeous Ebony ! 
I met chole while her visited in Singapore and all I can say was mesmerising ,alluring ,charming classy and fantastic .She was hosting luxurious place of Singapore and when she opened the door I was speechless because she has toned body naturally . Her real curvy body stunning me and what an ebony hourglass figure ever met in my life .she looks even better kindness ,lovable and most predominant in nature. I was amazed by her long legs and skin is so soft and smooth that you don’t wanna take your hands off ...her fleshly lips are sweater than a box of chocolates. Chloe is not just like a others companion but she is also very well-educated and divine in naturally .Her Exotic touch and her excellent assets mesmerizing me until whole season.really really have to meet her again !!! 03/18/2019 SINGAPORE

MR JC: Had opportunity and luck, privilege to meet Ms Chloe.
What ever u see and read on her page, about her, it’s 110% correct.
On scale of 1-10, she is 15, without exaggeration.
Easy going, friendly, absolutely gorgeous and stunning.
If u are maybe thinking whether contact her or not, don’t hesitate for a second.
My time spent with her was amazing and I am looking forward to it when we shall meet again Chloe, thank you for wonderful moments, hope seeing u again soon, very soon. 06/02/19 SINGAPORE

MR G : Chloe is an absolute gorgeous provider with a sexy English accent. Her pictures are extremely accurate so there’s is no question with her beauty. I met her few month ago in London, and coincidence would have it that she was visiting HongKong same time as me. We started to set our second meeting while there & firmed up the details after I returned so planning & verification was breeze. Chloe is highly recommended & I will certainly see her each time she visits or if I return to London. 04/08/18 HONG KONG

BAY: Met this delightful lady in Dubai a while back. She's the perfect girlfriend and one of the few ladies who can stimulate both brains. Her face is gorgeous and her body made my heart skip several beats. If you treat her right, she'll squirt a waterfall. I enjoyed an awesome 2-hour session with Chloe. And hope to enjoy another one to finish some unfinished business. DUBAI 12/03/17

HAF: I met first Chole in Feb in Singapore. From the moment we met we clicked. We had great conversation and fantastic time. Defiantly she left a mark. 
Last week, I flew to Dubai to spend the time with her and I had to say it is time not wasted and she is worth every single money I spent. 
She has a great personality, she is passionate and wet. She is a great kisser and just simply perfect. I will make sure that we meet again soon. DUBAI 08/30/16

FRANK: A word of caution- this "Fille de Joie" is extremely addictive. Her portfolio pics do not do her justice. She is infinitely more beautiful, statuesque and alluring than they suggest! A strong, confident lover who was fully committed to satisfying my every desire, and then some! Her toned body is super athletic with breasts nicely firm and perfectly sized. Love making transported me to Nirvana and back. After the first session in Abu Dhabi, I just had to see Chloe again, so managed to hook up in Dubai 3 days later. It's going to be a long painful wait until April in Dubai. DUBAI 02/08/16