I want to meet! What can I expect on a date with you?

I always made new friends notably easy and I have been told that my personality is sweet, genuine, playful and very warm. Our date will start with demure, elegant and manners in public; passion and romance in private. Let's enjoy together the pretty aspect of life has to offer, relax and play, Laugh, enjoy food and wines, travel together to explore the world and experiences new tastes. I would like to be that elegant woman who will bring a bliss-filled experiences into your life!

How are you intimacy?

Always felt very comfortable in my own skin. I love my body and I love being a woman! I find joy in my sexuality, I love my gender and for me being a woman means you can do whatever you want. Seducing, Kissing, Kissing a lot! Moaning purring and .... being a woman means you are blessed having multiple orgasms and ... Squirting, and thats the best feeling in the world! I love exploring my sexuality and i love being Chloe

What is a discreet girlfriend and how is she different?

A discreet girlfriend is a lady who can easily blend into any social or business situation while being a great lover in private; she enjoy to smile, is frisky and open to stimulating conversations, having a bright sense of humor, intelligence and very confident. The main concerns of her companionship, discretion and she chooses her friends meticulously, seeing only a small number of regular friends

You feel sexy when you are wearing what sorts of clothing?

I like well tailored dresses, stilettos and I enjoy wearing classy, sexy lingerie under any type of clothes. But clothes don't matter. I've heard that beauty without depth is just decoration, and I believe beauty of a woman comes from inside!

How our dates will look?

Our experience includes the sweetest sides a traditional can offer but without the strings attached or any responsibilities involved. We can play, relax, laugh, disconnect and be ourselves! We can talk about everything, from science, books, politics..... to sports, relationship, people....., it will be easy to get lost in conversation

Your favorite way to spend your time?

Loving, laughing, reading, traveling sport (Football, Tennis and Golf), spa, massage and yoga. I love fine cuisines and wines, most type of arts, symphonic orchestras and Jazz. I am active person who takes good care of both the body and mind - I love the Gym, running and laying by the pool

When it comes drinks, you prefer ?

Champagne and wines

What type of food do you like?

I like Japanese and French cuisine but I love experiencing new Taste!

Are you happy to see Couples?

I am happy to meet with Couples! Please DOUBLE my consideration for dates with couples.

What is the best way to contact you? Can we talk on the Phone

Am afraid I do not communicate by phone without you putting a booking forward. All necessary information is provided on my website, and i will be happy to answer any question that hasn’t been covered on my website. Only Emails sent from serious gentlemen will get a respond

How others describe your personality?

I have heard that I come across as sweet, sensual, warm, playful, vibrant, engaging but also surprisingly grounded, logical, articulate. Friends have told that I am vivacious and inviting but I'm also contemplative and intuitive

What is the level of Discretion?

Your privacy is paramount. Discretion being an integral part of experience . As a professional lady I value my privacy and very mindful of separating my **Naughty** and personal life I will maintain the have the greatest respect for you at all times . As i will respect you would have for me

Is screening necessary?

Yes. I assure you that my screening process is easy and confidential and only requires a moment of your time. I'm sure you understand that I am conscientious about establishing a safely and comfort level prior to our engagement because it will ensure that our encounter flows with ease.

Are you available to travel, or social events?

Yes, I am available for private traveling (fly-me-to-you) with respectful and educated gentlemen. It will also make me happy if we can have dinner or a drink together! I will be delighted if you invite me to gallery opening, to live Jazz, to theater or experience Opera together, a sport event or concert.


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