Who wants some real love in their life? Are you searching’ for the finest, the type of girl that’s rough But still a diamond, tastes like the sweetest Buttercream Icing...

The French Connection

  • One of A kind introduction An Hour- 800 USD / 1000 SGD / 5,000 HKD / 80,000 JPY / 3,000 AED

The The Italian Romance

  • Relax, unwind & Indulge in pure, sensual bliss
    1.5 Hours- £1000 / 1,300 USD / 1,500 SGD / 7,500 HKD / 120,000 JPY / 4,500 AED

The Russian Connection

  • A sensually explosive experience
    2 Hours - £1300 / 1,800 USD / 2,000 SGD / 11,500 HKD / 150,000 JPY / 6,000 AED

The Chelsea Bond Girl

  • Cocktail Date, lunch date
    3 Hours- £1700 / 2,800 USD / 2,500 SGD / 14,500 HKD / 210,000 JPY / 8,000 AED

The New York Damsel

  • Lets toast to Champagne or Wine followed by having me for Desert, Dinner Date
    4 Hours- £2300 / 3,600 USD / 3,200 SGD / 18,500 HKD / 360,000 JPY / 11,000 AED

The Indonesian Nights

  • Take your refill with an exotic escape, A night with a lot of passion
    Overnight Up to 12 Hours- £4000 / 5,500 USD / 7,500 SGD / 450,000 JPY / 5,000 SGD / 41,000 HKN / 19,000 AED

The Brazilian Wild Nights and Breakfast Together

  • Extended Overnight Up to 16 hours- 7,000 USD / £5,500, 10,000 SGD / 50,000 HKD / 26,000 AED

Extended Dates

Passport Ready! Lets explore this wonderful World together .

Amsterdam Day Retreat

  • One day up to 24hrs- 8,000 USD / £6,000

Barcelona W

  • Two days up to 48 hrs - 14,000 USD / £10,000
  • Three Days up to 72 hrs - 17,000 USD / £13,000
  • Four Days up to 96 hrs - 22,000 USD / £16,000

Hawaii Escape

  • One week - 33,000 USD / £22,000

Please Note :

  • Travel expenses and accommodation are not included
  • Domestic Flight First Class & International Flights First / Business class airfare.


A 50% Deposit (discreet and paper trail-free) is required to confirm encounters longer than 12 hours and fly-me-to-you dates. Gladly, I will offer details about it after screening. Deposit are not refundable But can be used towards a rescheduled dates if you cancel 48 hours in advance!


I understand that things come up and at times, cancellations need to be made. However, like any business, I do enforce a cancellation policy. To apply you deposit toward a schedule date, please cancel 48 hours in advance or you are going to lose that Deposit! If you inform me with at least 48 hours before I will save all the fees already paid for up to 6 months, which gives you enough time to rescheduled. I understand that emergencies aries so if you need to cancel the same day (less than 48 hours) I require 50% of the fee to cover for my inconveniences . Please, be considerate of my time because I will always be with yours.


I am available throughout London, Us, and International travel. I can visit you or accompany you on any adventures, business trip, or an entire week of pleasure and retreat. Pre booking is highly recommended simply to make sure our schedules correspond with each other being a touring companion. Just slide into my email meetchloedior@protonmail.com if you have any question or need more details. More than happy to help.. I will be booking my own travel arrangements and would be more than happy to plan our adventure together


From a young age, I have always had a passion for traveling, it's definitely my First Love. That exhilarating feeling of being on my way to someplace exotic and especially not knowing what or whom I might be spending my day with. Best of all, is the excitement and anticipation of what actually might unfold between us, that's the Thrill I always look forward to. Some of the places have had the pleasure visiting recently are: Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Dubai, Singapore, Mexico, Maldives, Shanghai, Hong Kong and mostly all over Europe.


I am highly selective and prefer to see fewer clients rather than volume, I will like my main Attention to be you. I absolutely adore the build-up when we flirt over drinks or extended overnight engagement... A full day of travelling together or a simple evening of enjoying A theatre show together. Why not take me to your favourite Spot! Seafood food is a complete turn on! While there's been nothing more I love than to please and being pleased.